I Served an Historic Farmstead Dinner at Indigo House

I Served an Historic Farmstead Dinner at Indigo House

On Saturday evening one hundred and ninety-one years after the first publication of Mary Randolph’s The Virginia House-Wife my eight dinner guests partook of a menu directly taken from its pages.

Our opening course was her wonderful ‘gaspacha’!



John volunteered to work the mortar and pestle for the Tarragon salad dressing while I talked history. And we all laughed! On the side of the salad the Oyster Loaf was hot from the oven with a creamy oyster filling

The centerpiece of the meal was Roast Chicken with a Milk Sauce with a Macaroni Pie on the side.

Our last delicious course was Apple Compote with Whipped Cream

Cooking for a table full of gracious, laughing, and friendly guests is one of life’s great pleasures. My evening was made even better by the help of my friend Becky Calvert. She has kitchen chops that made things go smoother and more fun. On top of that she is a photographer with an eye for food. All photo credits are hers!

I’m looking forward to January’s Mary Randolph Dinner.

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